Protestors in Kabul Call for Justice in Uruzgan, Jaghori, and Malistan Districts

On Sunday night protestors started a march from west of Kabul to the Presidential Palace, which they reached by Monday morning. Some placards held by them read “Ghani and Abdullah Wake Up”

Protesters called on the NUG to clear the Khas Urozgan, Jaghori & Malistan districts of Taliban and terrorists and send humanitarian aid to the displaced, along with more permanently troops to the areas and to establish a military corp in the areas.

The protestors believe that the government is utterly neglecting the crisis in Uruzgan, Jaghori and Malistan districts.

However, Sayed Roshandil, the Kabul Police Chief has said that the protestors have violated the law they are supposed to inform the police about their plans of a demonstration well in time.

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