Geneva Conference: US Pledged to Continue Supporting Afghanistan to Ensure Advancement Toward Peace

US Charge’ d’ Affairs Ross Wilson has said that the U.S. will continue its support to ensure sustainable meaningful advancement towards peace.

He stated that the United States joins the donor community in supporting Afghanistan as it moves towards self-reliance, building on the achievements and investments of the last nineteen years.

“I am pleased to join other donors in confirming our commitment to the people of Afghanistan; the US recognizes the social, economic, and political progress made over the last nineteen years and welcomes continued progress towards peace and stability,” Ross Wilson said.

The US charge’ d’ Affairs appreciated the significant improvements for Afghan women and girls, including access to education and health care.

“We will continue to promote women’s rights and economic empowerment, access to essential services, and prevention of and victim resources for gender-based violence,” he said.

He stressed that the United States will continue to work with Afghan people and institutions towards good governance, improved management and accountability, and strengthening the rule of law.

“These efforts are necessary to build trust among Afghan citizens,” he added.
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