New Poll in Afghanistan; “Taliban War Against Government is Not Legitimate”

A new poll by the Afghan Civil Society Complex (MAJMA) found that most of the respondents supported the talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in the hope of ending the war in the country.
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The survey interviewed 1,750 people in various age groups. Most respondents also called the Taliban’s war against the government illegitimate, but said the Afghan government is also unable to provide security for its citizens.

98% of the interviewees said that there is corruption in the government and more than 70% have experienced corruption in the government.

The effectiveness of international community aid and its transparency are other questions raised in this survey.

The official investigation also found that “ethnic hegemony” was an important factor in the war, and that the Taliban were to blame for the continuing war in the country; And discrimination still exists dramatically in this country.

The purpose of this poll is to gather public opinion about government performance and government commitments after the Geneva 2018 conference.

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