More Than 1 Million Voters’ Data Transferred To Servers: IEC

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) says the data of more than one million voters has been successfully transferred to servers after technical problems with biometric devices used in the voting process.

Hawa Alam Nuristani, the chairperson of IEC in a press conference on Monday said that 25,000 result sheets have been scanned at the IEC office in Kabul.

“1,737,078 biometric votes collected from devices, those from over 3,900 stations remaining”, she said.

Nuristani declared that the goal is to meet the deadline for announcing the preliminary results on Oct.19.

“We Will try to announce preliminary results from presidential vote on scheduled October 19, but in case there is a delay it won’t be for weeks or months”, a member of IEC said.

“Technical problems caused a delay in transferring data from biometric devices, but now we have two technicians from the biometric device company providing help, and we are discussing solutions for a quicker transfer of data,” said Aurangzeb, IEC commissioner.
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IEC officials called on presidential election candidates to be patient over the election results, and stated that the IEC will address their complaints, adding that some of the candidates’ observers are causing problems for the IEC.

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