Chief Executive Abdullah Shuns Claims of Foreign Forces Being Behind Kandahar Attack

Chief Executive Abdullah has rejected all the rumours surrounding any hand of foreign forces behind the Kandahar attack which took place in Kandahar governor’s office on last Thursday.

In a conversation about the incident, he said that, “There is a rumour that the Kandahar incident is linked to Resolute support forces, and these rumours have been launched by the enemies of the Afghan people and their regional supporters. Those who give these rumours justify the crimes of the enemies of the Afghan people. The justification for the Taliban’s crimes itself is hostility to the Afghan people.”

The Kandahar attack was perpetrated by a bodyguard planted by the Taliban and their chief target was Kandahar Police Chief Gen Raziq, who was killed in the attack.

Gen. Scott Miller, who is the commander of NATO’s Resolute Support mission escaped the attack unhurt, however Brig.
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Gen. Smiley, who oversees the NATO military advisory mission in southern Afghanistan was wounded in the attack.

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