Saleh: Citizens To Be Empowered For Protection From Future IS, Taliban Attacks

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said they are working on a plan along with the citizens to empower people at risk of future attacks from IS-K (Daesh) and the Taliban.

“There will be no such thing as militia and weapon distribution,” Saleh assured in a message on Facebook on Monday.

In his detailed post on security in Kabul city, Saleh said that Afghanistan needs to start mobilising against the “hidden nuclei of terrorism” in the cities and districts.

After the bloody suicide attack on a training centre in western Kabul, which was claimed by IS-K, he added that in the coming days, photos of terrorists operating in the districts, and those who organized the massacres in Kabul will be posted so that people can come forward with information.

Regarding crime prevention programmes, Saleh asked the Ministry of Finance to simplify and speed up the process of collecting taxes from undocumented vehicles.
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He said that they will continue to work on removing encroachments and work with the Kabul municipality.

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