12 Civilians and 3 ALP forces Killed, Local Commander Wounded in Uruzgan

Twelve civilians and 3 ALP forces were killed and a local commander was wounded as a result of the Taliban’s clash with the locals in Uruzgan province.
Ghazni local sources have confirmed that Taliban have attacked areas of Uruzgan Khas district of Uruzgan province, where mainly Hazaras reside, on Sunday.

The chief of Malistan district, neighboring the Uruzgan Khas district, told BBC that the clash started on Saturday with the Taliban assault on the two areas of Hossaini and Kondalan in the district and clash may still be ongoing.

Twelve civilians and three people have been killed in the clash so far. Five of these civilians were killed by the Taliban last night, he added.

Mr. Hedayat said that notorious local commander, Abdul Hakim Shojaei, was also wounded in the attack, but his condition is satisfactory.
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According to Malistan Chief of district, about 150 families have been displaced from these two districts of Uruzgan and have taken refuge in the Malistan district of Ghazni province.

He said that there are now no police or defense troops in the area. Locals have been alerted in Shirdagh area of Malistan district as well as on the border with Uruzgan Khas against the Taliban.

Malistan chief of district has said that the issue has been reported to the center of Ghazni province, but there has been still no call for backup forces.

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