Taliban Flog Women in Jawzjan

Taliban flogged two women for having telephonic conversation with men who were not ‘Mahram’.
Jawzjan Local officials in northern Afghanistan confirm that the Taliban flogged two women in a village.

Governor of Jawzjan, Lotfullah Azizi, says that the village of Qarayi is under Taliban control in Darzab district and the incident occurred in that area.

He says the Taliban flogged two women charged with phone conversation with stranger men (Namahram) in front of villagers.
According to him, these women were married and currently they are in the same village.

Mr. Azizi said the incident happened on October 7, but the news has now reached the local authorities. The video of this incident has also been published on social media.

Field trials are not unprecedented by Taliban fighters and irresponsible gunmen in Afghanistan.
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They repeatedly flogged and shot women and men at various charges, including illegal relationships with strangers men (Namahram).

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