Ghor University To Be Shut After 30 Students Found Positive For COVID-19

Officials confirmed that 30 students of Ghor University had tested positive for Coronavirus, prompting the recommendation for shutting down the institution on Monday.

Masoumeh Jafari, deputy spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), told Reporterly, that they had received news of 74 students showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Their samples were sent to the laboratory in Herat for testing, where 30 were found to be positive till now.

She added, “So far, the MoPH has not received official information about the closure of this university and the decision to close the university is up to the Ministry of Higher Education.”

The MoPH has recommended that the university be closed to prevent further spread of the virus.

Jafari also said that the infected students had been quarantined.

The Ghor governor’s office told Reporterly that the province’s Department of Public Health had confirmed cases of COVID-19 among the students but the university had not been closed yet.

Mohammad Aref Aber, spokesperson for the governor, said they are conducting more research before making the decision.

Following the decline of COVID-19 cases, the gates of public and private universities across the country were opened to students on Aug. 5, after a four-and-a-half-month lockdown.

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