Abdullah: Expected For Taliban To Also Call For Ceasefire In Afghanistan

The High Council for National Reconciliation issued a statement on the occasion of International Day of Peace on Monday and said the Taliban are expected to accept the call for non-violence and a ceasefire in Afghanistan.

Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the Reconciliation Council, said that after 40 years of war and bloodshed in Afghanistan, the country was at a “historic juncture” as the Afghan peace delegation had been negotiating with the Taliban for the past week to secure peace.

“It is expected that the Taliban will also call for non-violence and ceasefire in the country and help lead to a peaceful future,” Abdullah said.

He stressed that Afghanistan has been burning in endless war and conflict, with many lives lost in the past.

“Unfortunately, the lives of Afghan people are still under the dark shadow of war and conflict, and every day, innocent people, women and children are sacrificed.”

The Reconciliation Council said people are “tired” of the war.

“History has shown that war is not the solution to disputes, and it is only negotiation and dialogue that can pave the way for a peaceful life,” the statement said.

In conclusion, the declaration stated that achieving peace depends on the definition of common values through dialogue, negotiation, tolerance, understanding and respect for human rights.

Sep. 21 is the International Day of Peace declared by the United Nations. It is marked to strengthen the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire.

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