AIHRC: Demands Of War Victims And Civilians Should Be Heard In Peace Talks

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to consider the demands of war victims and the general public as a key element in peace talks.

A statement issued by the AIHRC on the occasion of International Day of Peace, said that they welcomed the start and continuation of the intra-Afghan peace process and see it as a “unique opportunity” to end the war and suffering of the people of Afghanistan.

“The peace process should be based on universality and mutual understanding of the realities of the country and a common vision for a better future,” the statement reads.

The AIHRC said that the demands of the victims and the general public must be taken into account and recognised as a key element of the dialogue.

“The voices of the victims must be heard, their suffering acknowledged and their humanitarian needs met,” they urge.

The rights commission said that in order to reach a peace agreement, a wide range of measures must be taken to achieve victim-centred justice.

The main outcome of the talks and agreements should be a “lasting peace that creates a dignified life and equal opportunities” said the AIHRC.

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