Sediqqi: Fossilized Groups Are Trying To Pull Afghanistan Back Into Monolithic Era

Presidential spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi said on Monday that fossilized and dark-minded groups are trying to bring Afghanistan back into the monolithic era.

Marking the International Day for Universal Access to Information, Sediqqi said that as a nation, Afghanistan grants Constitutional rights to protect access to information.

In a series of tweets, he assured the public that the government will continue to protect the freedom of expression and information as a fundamental right of the citizens.

“Our contemporary history constantly refers to the suppression of civil liberties and the prevention of a democratic system in the country,” he pointed, mentioning that threats still exist today that need to be addressed.

However, he added the country has made progress since the citizens enjoy the freedom of directly questioning government officials.

“… [This] can only be imagined in a republican system that has been achieved through our joint efforts,” he said.

Sediqqi added that the government will continue to uphold and work on preserving the values of the past 19 years.

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