15000 Land Violators Introduced To Judicial Institutions: Ministry Of Urban Development And Housing

Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Afghanistan says that in 2018, 500,000 acres of seized government land has been returned and in connection with this, 15000 lands violators were introduced to judicial institutions,

Mohammad Javad Peikar, acting Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, said in a news conference on Saturday that 500000 acres of violated government land returned and in connection with it 18,883 violators have been identified. Of these, 15831 of them were introduced to the judicial institutions.

The ministry officials also emphasized that over the last year, around 500,000 property documents have been distributed for unregistered houses.
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The government land registry program under the name of “Land Database” was another program by the ministry in 2018.

According to the officials from the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, 3.5 million acres of land have been surveyed in 28 provinces of Afghanistan, and 600,000 homes were registered in eight cities.
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