Afghan Government Calls Taliban’s Spring Offensive Sign Of Continuation of War

In response to the Taliban’s announcement of spring offences, the Afghan government says that it has directed defense and security forces to take all necessary measures to protect the people and also defend their strongholds vigorously.

In a statement Afghan presidential palace condemned the Taliban’s announcement of “spring offence” and said it is an evident sign of the will of the group to continue the “illegitimate” war in Afghanistan.

The statement added that the Afghan government is trying to put an end to the imposed war and the Taliban group is in direct peace talks with the United States’ negotiating team.

“Taliban insists on the continuation of war and corruption in Afghanistan happens at a time when the scholars of the country and the Islamic World condemned the continuation of Taliban war against the people of Afghanistan and called it intrigue rather than Jihad”, as per ARG’s statement.
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Presidential palace rejects claim of Taliban regarding the announcement of war by government, adding that the Afghan government, did not declare war instead eliminated all obstacles to peace, and the continuation of the war is not in the interest of the parties.

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