Moscow Might Host US-Russia-China Tripartite Consultation on Afghanistan

On April 25, Moscow might be hosting meeting of representatives of Russia, the United States and China on Afghanistan. RIA Novosti news agency claims that Special Representative of Russian President for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov confirmed that US Special Representative Khalilzad will attend the tripartite meeting as well.

The talks will discuss a settlement in the Islamic Republic against the backdrop of the Taliban’s spring offensive on the positions of government forces.

The Russian Ambassador in Kabul, Alexander Mantytsky, told Russia Today in an exclusive interview how the intra-Afghan dialogue is progressing. According to him, it is too early to talk about a significant breakthrough.

In addition, the diplomat noted that over the 18 years of the presence of the US contingent in the country, the “Americans have failed to normalize the situation”.

Mantitsky also stressed that the Islamic State grouping strengthens its position in Afghanistan, and efforts to combat opiate producers do not yield significant results.

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