Ghani: Taliban Cannot Deny Election

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during his electoral campaign on Saturday said that peace with dignity is in the framework of a republican system not in Emirate, and Taliban cannot deny the election.

“Based on Loya Jirga’s order, we are ready to dispel the negative violence of Taliban. Taliban did not show a positive power. We have provided all fields for peace,” Ghani said. The President emphasized that Taliban can join the Republic Islamic of Afghanistan but cannot deny the election.

“Taliban should accept the election. If they want to come up with a formula and ruin the future of nexty generations, this is impossible,” he asserted. In another part of his speech, Ghani noted that ethnic boundaries should be broken; otherwise, Afghanistan’s national unity would be jeopardized.

“Jihad is not a legacy. Intermediaries should not become a tradition. Brotherhood is one faith, one commitment, and one team,” he said. The President also declared that the commitment of his team is that the Afghan population statistics should be completed on the basis of a nationwide census.

“The current population statistic is not trusted. It has been fifteen years since they have used the same strange formulas which demonstrate the population to be five million fewer that it used to be,” he added.

The Presidential election is scheduled to be held on September 28th of the current year.

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