Taliban Threatens 180 Girls In Badakhshan From Taking National University Entrance Exam

Badakhshan officials said that the 180 girls who did not sit for the National University Entrance Exam (Kankor) due to Taliban threats, will be allowed to retake them on Sunday.

Akhtar Mohammad Khairzada, deputy governor of Badakhshan, told Reporterly on Saturday, that the female students, residents of Maimay (Darwaz) district of the province, were scheduled to sit for the exam in Shekay district.

However, traffic along the route was stopped by “armed opposition” and Taliban prevented them from travelling to the exam venue.

Badakhshan residents said the Taliban threatened to fine each girl who sat for the entrance exam, thousands of AFN.

A video featuring a number of girls who were not allowed to sit for the exams, went viral on social media, asking President Ashraf Ghani to take action.

Presidential spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi tweeted that the government was committed to providing facilities for the education of girls.

“The voice of the girls that were deprived by the Taliban in the Badakhshan entrance exam will be conveyed and the necessary measures will be taken through the responsible institutions,” Seddiqi wrote.

Provincial deputy Khairzada said that the Badakhshan government has spoken to the National Examination Office in the province and in the centre, to transfer the girls to the Shaghanan district for biometrics.

The biometric process will be completed today and the girls will be allowed to sit for the exams on Sunday, the official confirmed.

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