US DoD Audit Says Afghan Payroll System Not Working As Intended

A US Department of Defense audit has revealed that US taxpayers’ money spent to create a new payroll system for the Afghan government, part of an ambitious effort to prevent fraud by tracking the flow of funds down to individual soldiers and police officers, is not working as intended.

As per the auditors, reported the Washington Post, the system didn’t connect to other Afghan government computer systems and relied too much on the same manual data-entry process it was supposed to get rid of.

But as the government of Afghanistan is now set to take over full oversight of the program in 2020, officials have notes a significant delay.

The system is currently overseen by a NATO-funded, Kabul-based office called the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan (CSTC-A). A spokesman for Resolute Support, the NATO organization that trains and said that CSTC-A has already implemented the inspector general’s recommendations.
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“Since the [inspector general] concluded the audit in July 2018, CSTC-A has implemented the recommendations and we continue to work to improve the Afghan Personnel and Pay System,” Lt. Col. Josh Jacques said in an email to the Washington Post.

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