Jaghori and Malistan Under Control, Says Ghazni Governor Office While Summoning IDPs Back Home

Press office of Ghazni governor said in a statement today that the security situation in Jaghori and Malistan districts have been under full control of Afghan security forces for two weeks now.

Hundreds of residents in these districts have been recruited into the ranks of the local army and people uprisings, which are currently undergoing military training, in order to ensure the long-term security of the districts, the statement added.

Meanwhile, about 30 bases and outposts are to be established to create a security belt in both districts.These security outposts will be established along the frontier areas of the Jaghori and Malistan districts with the districts of Gilan, Uruzgan Khas, and Khak-e-Afghan, to repulse the enemy’s movements.

The statement clarifies that hundreds of displaced families from Jaghori and Malistan district have returned to their areas and that schools and health centers are also routinely functioning.

Ghazni province officials have asked the IDPs to return to their main areas in Jaghori and Malistan from Daikundi, Bamiyan and Kabul provinces.

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