It is Pak Who Has Brokered Peace Talks Between US & Taliban: Pak PM Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, claimed on Friday that Pakistan was the one to have brokered the possibility of peace talks between the Afghan Taliban and the US at the request of the US President Trump.

Khan announced that the talks are scheduled to be held on December 17.

Khan, while speaking at a function in Peshawar on Friday presented the assessment and evaluation of his 100-day agenda of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government he leads.

With respect to the peace efforts being carried out in Afghanistan, he said, “If Allah wills, Peshawar would change and it would become the hub of commerce and tourism, as things around this 2,500-year-old living city are likely to change.”

The Pakistan PM remarked that the same America, which was always intimidating Pakistan to “do more”, is now asking it to facilitate its talks with the Taliban.

“When I used to say that there is no other solution to this problem other than negotiations, I was described as the Taliban Khan, but they now ask us to help them in initiating talks with the Taliban,” Imran Khan said. “Now Pakistan has facilitated their talks with the Taliban, which are scheduled for December 17,” Khan said.
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