First VP Warns of Shocking Consequences for Enemies of Afghanistan

Following the increase of explosions in Kabul, the first Vice-President Amrullah Saleh says there are good news for the nation and shocking consequences for enemies on the way.

Mr. Saleh said on Saturday that the 6am meetings will continue with better focus, more facilities and broader competence.

Saleh noted that from now on, as in the past two months, he will not publish the details of the decisions of these meetings, but the focus will be on internal evaluation and achieving tangible and presentable results to the nation.

He said that the 62nd morning meeting will be held tomorrow and asked the citizens to comment if they want to play a role in determining the agenda and topics of these sessions, and all those who comments on Facebook will be considered.

The First Vice President added: “This war has been waged against all the spiritual and material resources of the Afghan people. Security forces are on the line, but your individual soft involvement can help change the situation.
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Saleh stressed that the non-confidential sections will share their assessments soon after completion.

“Be assured that good news for the nation and shocking news for the enemies are on the way,” he added.

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