UK Urged to Use Its Influence to Support Women’s Rights Defenders in Afghanistan

The current peace deal being brokered between the Taliban and the US risks setting women’s rights and security back many years by not making assurances to protect women’s employment, education and participation in government, the Christian Aid is warning.

The NGO is calling on the UK government to use its aid budget and diplomatic influence to ensure that women’s rights defenders are supported in Afghanistan.

In a new report to coincide with the charity’s Christmas appeal, which focuses on Afghanistan and India, Christian Aid stresses that global gender inequality is exacerbated by the prevalence of all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG), including forced abortions, rape, female genital mutilation and femicide.

The report, War on Women: The global toll of conflict and violence, explains that although violence exists in every society around the world, poor and marginalized women are particularly vulnerable to violence, and it is exacerbated during times of conflict.

The publication outlines how women in Afghanistan, particularly those living in extreme poverty, still experience high levels of violence.
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It highlights Afghan women’s concerns that any peace deal which does not proactively protect their rights is unacceptable and could further jeopardize their safety.

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