Gas Tanker Explodes at Customs Office in Herat; Ten Wounded

At least 10 people were injured when a gas tanker exploded at a customs post in Herat province on Saturday, officials said as scores of local residents tried to control a massive fire at the scene.

The fire in the Islam Qala border spread to dozens of nearby gas trucks, the officials said.

Waheed Qatali, the governor of Herat, said Iranian authorities had been asked for urgent assistance to contain the blaze.

The wounded people were taken to the provincial hospital and the number of casualties could rise, said Mohammad Shirzai a spokesman for Herat’s health department.

In the meantime, the residents also said a number of gas tanker drivers had been burned in the blaze.

The Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries says preliminary investigations show that more than $ 50 million in financial losses have been inflicted on traders.

Younes Ghazizada, head of the Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries stated that although the exact number of damage caused by the blaze is not yet known, many of the fuel tankers at Islam Qala had been completely burnt down.
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Criticizing the government, Mr. Ghazizada noted that despite repeated warnings to the government that the Islam Qala customs does not have the infrastructure to exporting traders’ goods; but the government has not paid any attention.

The governor of Herat also estimated the amount of damage caused by the fire huge and added that after controlling the fire, the exact number of damages will be clear.

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