Restoring Human Dignity Can Only Be Done Through Peace: AIHRC

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says restoring human dignity can only be done through peace and non-violence.

AIHRC in a series of tweets said that the commission will work with Govt.
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and Taliban to ensure human dignity prevails, and that justice for all Afghans is always humane and non-violent.

“Today’s signing of ‘The US-Taliban Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan’ is the first step in ending over 40 years of successive war in Afghanistan – and the start of according and restoring human dignity to all Afghans,” AIHRC said.
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“Although there were incidents of violence, overall a significant reduction in violence was observed. However, some incidents of violence were worrying, showing restoring human dignity starts with disassociating violence and justice,” the commission added.

This comes as the US and Taliban officials will sign a deal after seven days of reduction in violence in Afghanistan.

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