UK Envoy Hopes RiV Leads To A Permanent Ceasefire in Afghanistan

UK Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Gareth Bayley has expressed hope that the current Reduction in Violence will soon become a full comprehensive and a permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan.

Speaking in Doha ahead of US-Taliban meeting for signing a peace deal, Mr. Bayley declared that the desire of all Afghans is to see a ceasefire and an end to the violence.
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“I don’t think that anybody should put a time limit on the reduction of violence or on a ceasefire that we all hope and expect to see,” Bayley told ToloNews.

He stressed that the reduction in violence must turns quickly towards a ceasefire and an end to the killings.

“Too many innocent lives have been lost in this conflict. Thousands of Afghans have lost their lives and of course Afghanistan’s allies and partners have also seen their men and women’s lives lost to this conflict,” he added.

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