COVID19 Has Increased Terrorism in Conflict Countries Including Afghanistan: UN

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been responsible for an increase in conflicts and the heightened threat from terrorist groups, UN experts have claimed in a report which has been recently released.

The panel of experts evaluated that the risk of violence in conflict zones increased significantly throughout the second half of 2020.

The primary reason is said to be that militants were able to operate easily and move freely despite lockdown restrictions affecting local populations, including security personnel.

According to the panel, militant groups continue to operate in conflict countries while cells belonging to the IS-K group remain in place which the biggest threat, however, is apparently in Afghanistan, which remains the worst country in the world for terrorism.

In February last year, an agreement between the Taliban and the US was signed in Qatar.

However, with power to be shared and the US to withdraw most of its troops gradually, the agreement broke down during the year.
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It is reported that over 600 Afghan civilians and 2,500 security officers have since been killed.
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Iran has now offered itself as a mediator, hosting Taliban figures a week ago and urging the creation of an inclusive government in Kabul.

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