Reporters in Herat Call on Gov’t to Identify, Punish Prepatrators of Targeted Killings in Afghanistan

Following the recent increase in targeted assassinations of journalists in Afghanistan, a number of civil society activists and the media representatives in Herat province, has called on the government identify and punish the prepatrators of the recent targeted killings of journalists and civil activists in the country.

Civil society activists in Herat say that after a long time, the government has not been able to determine which individuals or groups are involved in the assassinations.

According to them, journalists and civil society activists have always supported human and religious values ​​and have not supported any group during the litigation and have been neutral.

In the meantime, a number of journalists, criticizing the government’s poor performance in ensuring the security of citizens, call for a thorough investigation into the recent assassinations of journalists and civil society activists in the country.

According to the reporters, the government has expressed condolences over the past two decades and has fallen short of its main task.
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The assassination and killing of journalists, civil activists and influential people in the last two months in different provinces of the country has caused concern among citizens and activists of the media and civil society.

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