European Human Rights Ambassadors Strongly Condemn Increased Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan

The European Human Rights ambassadors have strongly condemned the increase in civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

The ambassadors in a joint statement said that a significant majority of the civilian casualties in Afghanistan is caused by the Taliban and various terrorist organizations.

“The increase in civilian casualties, especially the targeted killings of human rights defenders, officials, judges, journalists, media workers, and other civil society actors is unacceptable, with female representatives particularly vulnerable,” the statement reads.

According to the statement, the European ambassadors reiterated the importance of accountability and the need for a through investigation of all attacks.

“All prepatrators must be brought to justice,” the statement said.

“Upholding human rights, a strong civil society, and a free and an independent media, are important gains of present day of Afghanistan, and crucial for any democracy and contribute to durable peace and sustainable development. A free flow of information and the right to freedom of expression are crucial in the context of of the current peace negotiations in Doha,” the statement added.

The European Human Rights ambassadors called for immediate reduction of violence, and compliance with the international humantarian law and International human rights law and continue to support human rights defenders, journalists, media workers, and civil society actors in Afghanistan.

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