US Appreciates Islamabad’s Role in Afghan Peace Process: Wells

Chief US diplomat for South Asian affairs, Alice Wells has appreciated the steps taken by Pakistan to advance the Afghan peace process.

The US diplomat, in a media briefing after her visit to three South Asian nations — Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka- said, “Pakistan has important leverage to promote lasting security and stability in Afghanistan.”

She said that she held several meetings in Pakistan with government, military, civil society, and business leaders.

“At the top of the agenda was understanding how we can grow our bilateral relationship commensurate with the cooperation that we are achieving in promoting peace in Afghanistan and regional stability,” she added.

Talking about the Afghanistan peace deal, she said that US Ambassador Khalilzad and his team were in Doha to encourage the Taliban to make a commitment toward a reduction in use of force that would allow Afghans to sit at a negotiating table.

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