Iran Shares Afghan Govt’s Concerns in Afghan Peace Process, Says Ex-Envoy

Iran’s former ambassador to Afghanistan Abolfazl Zohrevand said on Friday that Iran shares concerns of the Afghan Government in Afghan Peace Process.

Referring to the Taliban delegation’s visit to Tehran, Zohrevand said in an interview with IRNA that Iran can help resolve this impasse without talking about the Doha agreement.
He added that Tehran’s considerations in Afghan peace are close to the Afghan Government. Under the circumstances, if the Taliban see Tehran as their refuge, Afghan peace will be out of the deadlock.

The Kabul government insists that any agreement with the Taliban is a ceasefire and the establishment of peace, and Iran’s view is that if the Taliban are serious about peace, this trip is a good opportunity for peace between the Taliban and the Kabul government, he stated.

He highlighted that Iran, as Afghanistan’s neighbor, insists on peace, tranquility, and security in Afghanistan, adding that the Taliban delegation’s visit to Tehran with Iran’s considerations can create an opening for futuren agreements, but it is the Taliban’s own decision to accept these considerations or not.

The former ambassador to Kabul described Tehran-Kabul relations as friendly and said that the two countries have special and privileged relations in terms of geopolitical, historical, economic, political, cultural, and religious affinities.

Tehran follows up the agenda of the Afghan people to achieve lasting peace as quickly as possible because stability in Afghanistan will stabilize peace in the region, he reiterated.

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