AGO Finds Documents Regarding Logar Pedophile Alleged Ring

Afghanistan General Attorney (AGO) has announced to find a number of documents regarding the alleged pedophile ring in southeastern Logar province following the allegation of sexual abuse against the schoolchildren by the educational officials in the province.

AGO in a press release on Saturday said that its delegation to probe the case has begun investigations and obtained a number of documents.

According to the press release, the AGO officials are seriously pursuing more detailed research in order to ensure justice and the rule of law.
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AGO also called on the people of Logar province to cooperate with the investigative deleagtion by sharing information and evidences.

Previously, a Britain Newspaper, Guardian has reported that over 500 school students have been sexually abused by the school teachers and head teachers in the province.

The Newspaper has conducted the report in cooperation with the provincial civil society activists, who had later-on, arrested by National Directorate of Security.

The Guardian stated that a number of victims have been killed by their relatives following the cultural taboos and cultural violence practice.

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