AGO Addresses 454 Criminal Cases

Kabul: The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) reported that it has registered and addressed 454 criminal cases in the military, in the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year (April-June). They include 22 murder cases, 12 theft, two moral crime, four drugs, five traffic-related, seven corruption, and 402 other crimes, including beating, the loss of weapon, the escape of suspect, among others.

Of these, 188 cases have been finalized and the defendants have been sentenced to imprisonment and fines, 18 cases have been preserved for lacking sufficient reasons and 262 other cases have been rejected and referred back to the relevant agencies. As a result of addressing the cases, a fine of 4,187,265 Afghanis have been approved and transferred to the government.
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The majority of these cases have been registers in Kabul, Nangarhar, Kandahar and Parwan provinces.
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In other news, the Road Registration Commission in the city of Faizabad, Badakhshan, named a road after “Martyrs of the Security and Defense Forces”. In this ceremony, Ahmad Bashir Samim, Governor of Badakhshan Province, Abdullah Naji Nazari, member of the Provincial Council, Jalal Yaftali, former commander of the 203rd Thunder Corps and Abbas Tavakoli, commander of the 217th Pamir Corps, spoke and thanked the security forces.

The road in Do Saraka area of Faizabad is named after “Lieutenant Hojatullah Haqjo and the martyrs of the security and defense forces”. Hojatullah Haqjo was one of the commanders who was recently killed in a battle with the Taliban in Yaftal Bala, in the eighth PD8 of Faizabad.

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