10 Security Forces Killed in Taliban’s Attack in Daikundi

Provincial officials reported that 10 security forces were killed in Taliban attack in Kijran district of Daikundi province.

Sakina Ehsani, spokesperson for Daikundi Governor told Reporterly on Saturday that “Taliban insurgents attacked on Sang-e Seya outposts, army forces compounds and outpost of Bazar Mushtarak of Kijran district on Friday midnight,” as a result of which at least 10 security forces were killed and 7 others were wounded.

The clash finished at 4 AM but there is still Taliban threats in the area, Ms Ehsani added.

She emphasized that most of the forces killed in the attack are local police, but there are a number of army forces among the wounded individuals too.

Causalities were also reportedly inflicted to the Taliban insurgents but no exact number is available.

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