Sediqi Announces Dissolution of HPC Secretariat

President Ghani’s spokesperson said that secretariat of High Peace Council is dissolved, however not the entire body. 

Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said at a press conference that, the High Peace Council is terminated based on a decree issued by President Ghani, adding all peace related issues will be handled by the state ministry for peace.

After the news conference presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi in a tweet corrected his comments at a press conference in Kabul and said that only the secretariat of the High Peace Council has been dissolved, not the High Peace Council.

Sediq Sediqqi also said that President Ghani had four meetings with US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad – in the last week – where they discussed the roadmap for peace.

Sediqqi added that the Afghan government is close to forming a negotiating team.

About the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, he noted that president Ghani spoke by phone with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mr. Pompeo has said that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is based of the demands of the country.

Speaking about the security for the upcoming election, Mr. Sediqqi emphasized that meeting of armed forces council chaired by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was held today in which the security plan for elections were presented by security institutions in the presence of leadership of electoral commissions

The main part of the plan is that the elections should be held in a secure environment and the security must be provided for all voting sites, according to Sediqqi.

Sediqqi added that the security forces’ measures to prevent civilian casualties were also discussed at the meeting, based on that special strategies will be taken for special operations of the security forces.

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