22 People Killed Across Afghanistan in 24 Hours

At least 22 people were killed in three separate attacks in Ghor, Khost and Kabul provinces over the past day.

A local police chief said Taliban insurgents killed 10 officers after storming a checkpoint late Friday night in Pasaband district, Ghor. One policeman was wounded and another is still missing since the attack.

Adel Haider, spokesman for the Khost police chief said unknown gunmen killed a former warlord in the Ali Sher district, along with seven other people. The target, Abdul Wali Ekhlas, had been a candidate in last year’s parliamentary elections.

These attacks followed the bombing of the Sher Shar Suri Mosque in Kabul which also killed at least four people and injured eight, including the imam, Mawlawi Azizullah Mofleh.

13 / June 2020