Taliban killed 89 civilians in past two weeks: National Security Council

At least 89 civilians were killed in Taliban attacks in 29 provinces over the past two weeks in Afghanistan, said the National Security Council (NSC).
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NSC spokesman Javid Faisal said that 150 more civilians were wounded by the militants during the period. He said the provinces of Kabul and Kandahar saw the highest casualties.

Since the three-day Eid ceasefire, the Taliban and Afghan security forces have generally reduced attacks as a confidence-building measure before the intra-Afghan peace talks.

During an interview earlier this week, President Ashraf Ghani announced that while the violence has reduced “casualty figures still average around 60-70 a day” with an average of 30 deaths per day.

“While the Government has continued to advance the cause of peace, the Taliban continued their campaign of violence against the Afghan people during Eid and the weeks after that,” said Faisal.

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