Seven IS-K Terrorists Including Intelligence Chief Killed in Kunar Province

The National Directorate of Security reported the killing of seven IS-K terrorists in Kunar province.

As a result of NDS special forces operation on hideout of IS-K terrorist group in Nurgal district of Kunar, seven members of the group were killed, National Directorate of Security said in a statement on Saturday that.

The statement further added that, the intelligence in-charge of IS-K group is also among the individuals killed in the operation who had gathered to organize a terrorist and destructive attack on security forces and government facilities.

14 suspected individuals were also detained in the operation and 5 Kalashnikov, 1 pistol, 2 RPGs, several hand grenades and some military equipment were confiscated by security forces, as per NDS statement.

According to NDS, a hideout of the group, an ammunition and weapon cache and a vehicle were destroyed in the operation.

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