Afghanistan’s Buzkashi League Gets Roaring Reception

The fear of terror attacks or coronavirus did little to deter thousands from packing a Kabul stadium Thursday to watch horsemen play polo with a headless goat carcass in Afghanistan’s first buzkashi league.

The standing-room-only crowd cheered, hooted and whistled as riders dressed in bright uniforms raced across the muddy field, each man trying to ensure that his team had custody of the 50-kilogramme carcass.
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Buzkashi, which means “dragging the goat” in Persian, involves grabbing the carcass, galloping across the field and dropping it into a “circle of justice”, drawn in chalk and located at either end of the ground.

Organisers say they want to make the week-long league an annual affair, with plans to stage it in different cities each year.

Like much else in Afghanistan, the league’s success will depend on the security situation — the Taliban has attacked sporting events in the past and had banned buzkashi during its five years in power.

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