US Troops in Afghanistan Have COVID-19 Symptoms: US Congressman

Several US troops in Afghanistan are experiencing flu-like symptoms but have tested negative for influenza, a US lawmaker said raising the possibility that they may have coronavirus.

Mark Pocan, a Republican congressman, criticized that the troops, who are 75 miles from Iran where the coronavirus is rampant, have not been tested for coronavirus, reported.

He said that he learned of the situation after one of the soldiers’ families contacted his office.

“If we’re not providing proper health care to military personnel, especially so close to where there is a real flare of the pandemic near Iran … that would be awful,” Pocan told

The congressman declined to name the military base in Afghanistan where the troops are sick, citing concerns the service member’s family had about coming forward.
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Herat province in Afghanistan has half of 10 confirmed coronavirus cases and US has troops operating there.

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