NSA Mohib: Afghan Security Forces Should Begin Urgent and Comprehensive Efforts to Save People

National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib has directed the country’s security forces to begin urgent and comprehensive efforts to save the people.

“Due to heavy snowfall throughout Afghanistan, especially southwest and north-eastern provinces, travel routes have been closed, causing problems in the daily lives of people and threat to residential areas and the people themselves” the national security council stated on Saturday.

According to this, Afghan National Security Advisor has directed the security forces to launch a comprehensive campaign to help victims of natural disasters.

Mohib said that if the passengers are on travel routes and face natural hazards, or our compatriots do not have access to food and fuel or got stuck in their homes, the police forces are directed to use all means of rescue and cooperation and help the people.

He urged people to contact the nearest security center close to the natural hazards. And the security forces are directed to activate all communication channels.

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