More Than 1,000 Drug Traffickers Sentenced in Past Year

More than 1000 individuals in connection to drug trafficking were sentenced for 1 to 21 years in last year, the Counter Narcotics Justice Center of Afghanistan (CNJC) said in a statement on Saturday.

Khalid Movahed, spokesman of Counter Narcotics Justice Center of Afghanistan today said at a press conference at the government media center that during 2018, Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan arrested 1153 individuals countrywide with illegal substances including narcotics and chemicals used for production of drugs. The individuals were transferred to Counter Narcotics Justice Center for prosecution.

Khalid Movahed added that during 2018 police identified and arrested 55 women, 3 foreign nationals, 39 students in connection with drug trafficking.

According to Mr. Movahed in 2018, a total number of 234 people who wanted to transfer different types of drug from Hamid Karzai International Airport to India, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai were identified and arrested by police and prosecutor’s office of Counter Narcotics Justice Center.

“Arrest rate of individuals increased by 50% compared to 2017, due to moderation of law on counter narcotics and more jurisdiction of this administration,” Mr. Movahed elaborated.

Mr. Movahed said that more than six million and 300000 AFN, more than $220 thousand, and 248 vehicles, 1,169 mobile and 59 different types of weapons were seized from these traffickers.

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