Newsfeed: Saturday, May 4

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    43 IS-K Terrorists, 12 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunar & Ghazni

    It was reported by the Presidential Information Coordination Center that ANDSF performed airstrikes on the Chapa Dara district of Kunar province because of which 43 IS-K terrorists were killed including a commander of theirs named Ismail.

    Multiple weaponry was destroyed in the airstrikes as well.

    Moreover, in ANDSF’s operations in three districts of Ghazni province (De Yak, Andar and Asfanda), 12 Taliban insurgents were killed and seven others were wounded.

    Meanwhile in Logar province, the ANDSF joint operation killed three Taliban insurgents and detained four others along with obtaining heavy weapons.

    Additionally in another statement it was informed that after a Taliban attack on the ANA checkpoint in Ghazni province, the ANA soldiers repelled the attack and killed four Taliban insurgents.

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    Khalilzad Says All Sides Need to Reduce Violence To Achieve Peace

    US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad wrote on Twitter in response to Taliban’s rejection of a ceasefire and expressed that it is necessary for all sides to reduce violence in order to achieve peace.

    “All sides laying down arms is the outcome of any peace process. All sides agreeing to reduce violence is a necessary step toward achieving that outcome and the morally responsible choice to make. We stand ready”, Khalilzad tweeted.

    This was in response to Taliban’s recent rejection for a ceasefire starting Ramadan which was proposed in the 13-point resolution at the conclusion of the Grand Assembly/Loya Jirga.

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    Mortar Attack Claims Lives of Five People in Ghazni

    Local officials announced that as a result of mortar attack on a residential home in Ghazni 5 civilians were killed. Ghazni press office said in a report on Saturday that, the mortar attack occurred during clashes between Taliban insurgents and security forces in Andar district of Ghazni province.

    Press office of Ghazni province did not specify which side had fired the mortar. “As a result of coalition air strikes and special forces operation in past 24 hours in Andar, Dih Yak and Zana Khan districts of Ghazni province, 25 Taliban insurgents including a famous mine-builder of insurgents were killed and 3 suspected individuals were wounded,” the statement added.

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    Atmar Calls Peace Consultative Jirga “Factious”

    In reaction to the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the head of Peace and Moderation Election Group called it order-based Jirga, saying that the Jirga has created divisions and disputes between people and prominent political parties of the country.

    Peace and Moderation Election Group led by Hanif Atmar said in a statement on Saturday that the Peace Consultative Jirga which was held with heavy financial cost, was lacking the characteristics of Loya Jirga and criteria of Constitutional Jirga. He said that the Jirga created many problems for the citizens of Kabul city.

    “By participating in this Jirga, Afghan people counteracted the conspiracies against peace process and constitution”, the statement added.

    However, Mr. Atmar did not comment about these schemes.

    The Peace and Moderation Election Group emphasized that through establishment of this order-based Jirga, the government was attempting to legitimize the continuation of its work after (First Jawza) 22 May and monopolize the peace process, and also undermine political parties and circles of the country.

    While supporting Intra-Afghan talks peace and the United States peace efforts, the statement states that Peace and Moderation Election Group seriously supports peace process and the continuation of Intra-Afghan talks.

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    New Order of Kandahar Police Chief to His Subordinates: Do not Show Mercy to Taliban

    General Tadin Khan, Kandahar Police Chief ordered his subordinates not to show mercy to Taliban in the battlefield.

    In response to the rejection of a ceasefire by the Taliban during Ramadan, General Tadin Khan says that “we ordered all government forces in Kandahar province not to show mercy to Taliban in battlefields because they were slaves (to Pakistan) and there is no need to have tolerance with this group. We make Taliban fair from Kandahar.”

    He stressed that hereafter, they will increase fight against Taliban, and currently, operations are ongoing in six districts of this province.

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    Woman & Child Killed by Taliban in Paktia

    An Afghan soldier’s wife and son were killed by Taliban in eastern Paktia province, an official said on Saturday.

    The incident took place after the victims went to the home of Taliban local commander, identified as Aziz, to attend his wedding ceremony, Abdullah Hasrat, a spokesman for provincial governor told 1TV News.

    It happened on Friday evening in Hasan Kheil area of Ahmad Kheil district.

    The soldier was identified as Didar. His son, who was killed by the insurgents, was identifed as Nisar and had 13 years of age.

    Talibanspokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that it could have been a criminal incident with personal motive.

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    Key ISI-K Member Killed in Baghlan

    Security officials reported that a key ISI-K terrorist group member and 4 other members of the group were killed in Baghlan province.

    As a result of operation of special police unit in Sayed Abad village in Dahana-i-Ghori district of Baghlan province, “Mofti Uzbek” one of the organizers of terrorist attacks of ISI-K and four other members of the group were killed, Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Saturday.

    The statement added that, in addition to planning terrorist attacks, “Mofti Uzbek” has also been responsible for facilitating and financing of ISI-K terrorist group in the Middle East.

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    CE Abdullah Calls Afghan Consultative Peace Jirga Lacking Any New Achievement

    Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive officer of National Unity Government has said that the holding of Peace Consultative Loya Jirga, despite the imposition of heavy financial burden on the people and the creation of a few days of interruption in economic and governmental activities, has not rendered a new achievement for the country.

    In an exclusive interview with Anatolian News Agency, Mr. Abdullah said that the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga should have been held after a peace agreement has been reached.

    He said that the provisions of the Loya Jirga Resolution were also discussed at meeting of the Reconciliation Council, and there are no new points in the Loya Jirga Resolution.

    He stressed that the Afghan people want peace, but said that they did not want to return to Taliban era.

    While stating that Taliban’s office in Doha has been misused, he added that, this issue has been shared with Qatar government by Afghanistan.