Atmar Calls Peace Consultative Jirga “Factious”

In reaction to the Peace Consultative Loya Jirga, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the head of Peace and Moderation Election Group called it order-based Jirga, saying that the Jirga has created divisions and disputes between people and prominent political parties of the country.

Peace and Moderation Election Group led by Hanif Atmar said in a statement on Saturday that the Peace Consultative Jirga which was held with heavy financial cost, was lacking the characteristics of Loya Jirga and criteria of Constitutional Jirga. He said that the Jirga created many problems for the citizens of Kabul city.

“By participating in this Jirga, Afghan people counteracted the conspiracies against peace process and constitution”, the statement added.

However, Mr. Atmar did not comment about these schemes.
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The Peace and Moderation Election Group emphasized that through establishment of this order-based Jirga, the government was attempting to legitimize the continuation of its work after (First Jawza) 22 May and monopolize the peace process, and also undermine political parties and circles of the country.

While supporting Intra-Afghan talks peace and the United States peace efforts, the statement states that Peace and Moderation Election Group seriously supports peace process and the continuation of Intra-Afghan talks.

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