Budget Deficit of 12 Billion AFs As Per MoF

The Ministry of Finance informed that government has predicted a budget deficit of 12 billion Afghanis coming fiscal year. To cope up, the ministry will continue make up the deficit from national revenue or with the help of international aid.

“Unfortunately, the deficit in the budget is at least 12 billion Afghanis. In the next year, we will try to finance this deficit from national revenues by increasing monitoring and by providing more facilities in customs and finance offices. Meanwhile the ministry will address the deficit from non-tax organizations,” said Shamroz Khan Masjidi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Finance.

“If we cannot address the deficit, we will enter into discussions with our international partners at a suitable time and will try to address it with international aid,” he said.

The Ministry of Finance has allocated 399 billion Afghanis for the 1398 fiscal year, 69% being allocated for the standard budget, and 39% has been allocated for the development budget.

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