Afghanistan Will Clear 4,000 Empty Containers of Pak-Afghan Transit Trade

The Pak-Afghan authorities and business community have agreed on the promotion of bilateral trade through Torkham by allowing the entry of empty containers from the Afghan side of the border.

As per TheNews report, the consensus was reached between the business communities of both countries in a meeting.

The participants of the meeting unanimously decided that 4000 empty containers of Pak-Afghan transit trade stranded on the Afghan side and paying US$ 150 on daily basis in the head of detention charges would be cleared from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am on daily basis to reach Karachi while export and Afghan transit trade goods will enter Afghanistan from Pakistan.

Similarly, from 6am to 10pm was specified for the entry of the exports of Afghanistan including fresh fruit, vegetables, transit to India and other goods.

An estimated number of 1000 trucks will enter Pakistan on a daily basis.

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