No Justification for Delay in Elections: VP Danish

The Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish has expressed that the upcoming presidential elections have no context in delay with respect to the peace process and that there is no legal justification for delaying the process.

While addressing an event which was commemorating the 3rd death anniversary of Qurban Ali Erfani (leader of Hizb-e Wahdat-e Islami Millat-e Afghanistan), VP Danish said that “peace does not mean to end the incumbent government or ignore the past seventeen years’ achievements.”

He also added that creating an interim administration is archaic and arbitrary and that an interim government will only benefit the enemies.
“The old slogan of an interim government is completely unnecessary, unimplementable and against Afghanistan’s Constitution. In fact, it means going backwards and means creating a crisis. This is a demand that is, more than anything else, for the benefit of Afghanistan’s internal and external enemies and it is not for the benefit of the Afghan people,” said Danish.

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