First VP, NSA Refused to Attend Parliament’s Summoning Session

The first Vice-President, Amrullah Saleh and the National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib refused to attend the summoning session at the Lower House of Parliament on Saturday.

An extraordinary session of the House of Representatives is scheduled for Saturday, to summon the First Vice President, National Security Adviser, Assadollah Khalid, the Acting Minister of National Defense, Mohammad Massoud Andarabi, the Acting Minister of Interior and Ahmad Zia Saraj, the head of National Directorate of Security.

The chairman of the Lower House, Mir Rahman Rahmani said only the head of NDS and the acting ministers of the defense and interior ministries attended the session.

Finally, the House of Representatives decided to hold the session with the presence of three security officials. However, some members of the House of Representatives opposed the session.

In the meantime, the first Vice President Amrullah Saleh wrote in his Facebook page that the Afghan National Assembly, as the legislature – the representative of the people and the overseer of government performance – deserves to have a close relationship with the government.

“Not only am I not ashamed to be with them, but I also consider it a matter of pride. I will be at their service if they arrange the main procedures,” he said.

The Lower House chairman also said that the National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib in a telephone call told him that he has the role of secretary of the National Security Council and could not attend the summoning session.

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