Non-biometric Fraudulent Votes Not Acceptable: Abdullah’s Team

The “Stability and Partnership” electoral team has said that it will not let anyone violate the election law, including the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

Addressing a press conference on Saturday in Kabul, Asadullah Saadati, Abdullah’s running mate for second vice president said, “We (candidates) have received the results of more than 22,000 polling stations through the IEC’s website, and by using this website, we know how fraud has been happened.”

“Some people in the Election Commission are trying to enter fraudulent votes into the system and yesterday we noticed that the process of entering the fraudulent votes is underway in the system”, he said.

Saadati noted and if this process continues their team will stand against it.
He further stated that the guarantee for accuracy is the biometric devices, and the only valid votes are those processed through biometric devices, but for the past two days the IEC has been entering non-biometric votes into the system which is contrary to the law as well as pre-election agreements.

“We call on IEC to maintain its impartiality and transparency in the election process”

The stance of Stability and Partnership team is principled, legal and based on the national and international agreements, and the IEC has no right to register invalid votes, he added.

The commission was supposed to announce the preliminary results of the election sooner; as information should have been transmitted to the central server and websites within 48 hours, but so far the data of no more than 4000 stations have been transmitted to DERMALOG server and website.

This comes as IEC says the process of registering the result sheets have begun at the National Tally Center and more than 14,000 forms have entered into the system.

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