AIHRC Declares Nangarhar Mosque Bombing ‘A Criminal Act’

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said that Nangarhar bombing is a criminal act and may account to “crimes against humanity and war crimes”.

AIHRC in a statement on Saturday said that mass killing of civilians in places of worship, social events and public gatherings that are repeatedly taking place in the country indicate targeted and systematic criminal acts, and the attack targeted worshipers in a mosque in Nangarhar province is considered to be one of such attacks.
This bombing may amount to “crimes against humanity and war crimes” due to the extent of atrocity used (successive explosion of two mines planted among worshipers) and the number of civilians killed, (about 62 killed and 60 injured), the statement read.

The statement noted that AIHRC’s monitoring reports, as well as reports from the media and national and international institutions indicate an increasing number of civilian casualties in the current year, and causes growing concern in the country.
According to the AIHRC these attacks amount to (whoever the perpetrators may be) crimes against humanity and war crimes, and AIHRC denounces them in the strongest possible terms, and calls on the parties to the conflict to respect human rights and international humanitarian law.
AIHRC called on detective security and judicial authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the incidents in order to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice.
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The reaction of AIHRC comes after an explosion rocked a mosque in eastern Nangarhar province as dozens of people gathered for Friday prayers, causing the roof to collapse and killing 62 worshippers and wounding 36 others, officials said.
The attack has received national and international condemnation.

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