Devices To Destroy Taliban’s Sniper Rifles Test Successful, Saleh Says

Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president said that the experiment with devices that destroy the Taliban’s sniper rifles or Bezbezak weapon have been successful. The devices will be provided to all armed forces and explained to them through a video conference by the office of the National Security Council.

The First Vice President stated that the “methodical and data-based” assessments of the security pact plan show that the level of satisfaction in the last 48 hours of the team has been 76%.

The National Security Pact program was introduced by the Ministry of Interior for upgrading security measures in the country.

Saleh said it was reported in today’s meeting that in the last 48 hours, there were three incidents of violent attacks. He announced that an officer in the Qaley Aroq area of Qarabagh district was assassinated, another was the intimidation of a businessman in the Karte Parwan area by a gang of thieves named Hasib Qoway Markaz, and the theft of a vehicle in PD3.

Saleh added that the office has achieved progress in connection with these cases and said to “wait for the good news” and that “these cases should be reduced to zero.”

Saleh also stated that government departments are directed to support the security program and all obstacles have been removed.

Saleh further pointed out that every problem and academic commentary conveyed to us on social media and that is presented for improvement is appreciated with sincerity. “Only a strong government can protect the dignity of any individual. So work with your government,” he said.

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